Every Women’s Desire

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What pops in every girl or woman’s mind when she hears the words engagement ring? Surely everyone will unanimously vote for a single vision in their mind of a dazzling solitary diamond sitting cozy on an elegant band of gold or platinum. A solitaire diamond ring is everything that a girl graves for on her day of engagement. It’s commonly said that diamonds are forever, and a solitaire diamond symbolizes that the relationship will be everlasting. A diamond solitaire ring is the most elegant gift of promise that one can make to his loved one. And which woman does not desire to own a brilliant diamond solitaire??


Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones and due to their durability they have acquired the status of being the family jewel as it can be passed down to the generations. Difference between a solitaire diamond and a normal diamond lies on the fact that a solitaire diamond is a single 1 carat diamond or in certain cases the carat can be more but not less. It has a sophistication and elegance of its own.


If we go back to the pages of history Diamond engagement rings became popular during the Victorian age, due to the discovery of diamonds in South Africa. The solitaire diamond engagement ring was further popularized by the renowned Tiffany and Co.


Solitaire engagement rings are an evergreen jewelry item, the trend of which will never fade away with time.

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