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26 Sep What Are Rudraksha Beads | Types Of Rudraksha and Benefits
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8 Scientific Health Benefits Of RudrakshaRudraksha is a seed of the Eliocarpus ganitrus tree, and it not only plays a significant role in a spiritual seeker's life, but it has proven scientific benefits of wearing this bead. Here in this blog, we will unveil the history of Rudraksha, its legends and the top 8 proven scientific benefits of wearing..
01 Aug Ruby Gemstone
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Ruby Gemstone Facts, Color, Cost, Astrological BenefitsRuby gemstone is for the Sun that is the ruler of all the other planets. Thus the importance of #ruby stone in achieving the power of command, leadership quality, grand lifestyle, spirituality is unparalleled.History of Ruby GemstoneThe ruby gemstone history dates back in the ancient ti..
24 Jul Types & Significance Of Rudraksha You Need To Know
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Mystery behind the Power & History of RudrakshaThe word ‘Rudraksha’ originates from the Sanskrit Word. It is the combination of two words, Rudra and Aksha, symbolizing the teardrops of Lord Shiva. History of Rudraksha and legends has it that these Lord Shiva’s teardrops fell on the earth in the form of this Rudraksha Plant. Thus it began the fa..
19 Jul What are some precious stones?
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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Gemstone & Precious Stone JewelleryPeople are attracted to wearing jewellery from the ancient period and the history books and the historical proofs support it. At the earliest age of human civilization, jewellery were made of bones, shells, radiant rocks etc. Soon after, in the Metal Age people invented jewellery ma..
19 Jul What metal is best for jewelry?
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The Ultimate Guide to Precious Metal jewelleryBuying jewellery could probably top the list of being the “Most Exciting Activity Ever” especially if one is purchasing for herself. But at times, it can be downright confusing if basic about jewellery material seems unknown - particularly about precious metals which are very hard to ignore when one ..
19 Jul Jewelry Styles That Work For Office
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The Ultimate Guide To Best Statement Jewellery In The OfficeNothing more is alluring than a women who thinks, talks and means business and looks her best. Office Wear Gold Jewellery is all about wearing simple and elegant jewellery pieces. Whether you work in formal environment or work in semi casual office dress code, avoiding clinging/chunky e..
19 Jul Missed The World Cup Opening Ceremony Of 2018? Details Here!
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Russia showed the entire world their World Cup Opening Ceremony 2018 full of colour, glitz and excitement at the Lushniki Stadium in Moscow. The best of images from Moscow in Luzhniki Stadium as the World Cup 2018 started with Russian soprano Aida Garifullina and British singer, Robbie Williams, staring in glamorous ceremony just before the hos..
19 Jul Is This His Year? Messi in 2018 Football World Cup
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LM 10, the 5'7'' wonder is no more a wonder, but he's the dream catcher for every football fanatic all over the world. There are so many criticisms after Messi missing the penalty in Group D opening match between Argentina and Iceland. Even, we are so worried concerning performances in upcoming matches of Messi in 2018 Football World Cup. If he can..
19 Jul What Switch Is Expected From Nintendo Direct Presentation 2018?
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We all are excited for Nintendo Direct Presentation scheduled for June 12, 2018! Letting go off their traditional press conference, they will go for E3 2018 Direct Presentation and let the world know of their latest and biggest best switch in games that would be releasing worldwide next year. Though it’s a pretty shaky ship of lately and rumors..
19 Jul How Will VAR Work In Russia?
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At some point during this year Football World Cup 2018, history is about to be made. Get used to seeing the referee using his two fingers to make a box in the air - marking out a rectangle or press ears with his hand. You might be seeing this lot of it at World Cup. This air marking means he’s signaling back to Moscow control room, where ..
16 Jul Zabivaka - FIFA 2018 Official Mascot
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The Evolution of FIFA World Cup Mascot 1966 – 2018 Mascots are now quiet common in every sport events and it is no different when it comes toFootball World Cup 2018 Mascot. Mascots encompasses the particular spirit of the event as you can see, Zabivaka the wolf, meaning “The One Who Scores” in Russian, is the Official Mascot of 2018. Howe..
16 Jul Accessorizing your outfit
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Indian wedding without heavy gold jewelry is unthinkable; the bride is expected to be decked in heavy gold and precious stone jewelry – trusted jewelry that has been the tradition for who knows how long. Even the Mahabharata and Ramayana mentions bridal jewelry – indeed, Sita’s jewelry is one of the pivotal points of the great epic. The problem b..
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