The Ultimate Guide To Best Statement Jewellery In The Office

Nothing more is alluring than a women who thinks, talks and means business and looks her best. Office Wear Gold Jewellery is all about wearing simple and elegant jewellery pieces. Whether you work in formal environment or work in semi casual office dress code, avoiding clinging/chunky earrings and bracelet is wise. Heavy ornaments are often distracting and noisy, especially when you move around in office. Instead opting for subtle jewellery pieces in muted tones looks classy!

Read on to this blog for closer look into the best jewellery pieces that work the best for office right from everyday wear to crucial client meetings.

Everyday Wear:

Jewellery and Woman are synonymous to each other. Luckily, indulging in intricate designs and diamonds is now a best thing to do. Gold and Diamond office wear has become an integral part of every women opting and working for 9 to 5 jobs and taking the route to success.

Make head turns and keep the compliments coming with our intricate Round Diamond Stud Earring. These light weighted yet intense studs are set in18k yellow gold setting are the timeless classic when it comes to everyday office wear. This stud would work with all of your office outfits and make you feel no less than a corporate diva!

In-House Presentation:

In house meetings and presentations can be quiet tricky. They are important and critical to influence your office wear wardrobe. There are many Gold Jewellery available for office wear. Avoid flashy colors and prints as this might attract unnecessary attention towards your dress and not the presentation. Instead add a little bit of dazzle to your outfit by wearing our alluring Round Shape Diamond Pendant along with good pair of simple and elegant Amethyst Spiral Earring.

Client Meeting:

Pitching an idea to client is always a make or break situation! It’s a tough task requiring the right amount of modesty and confidence. While stepping out for a client meet, it is best to wear minimal jewellery and keeping outfit formal. Focus on looking sophisticated and smart.

Bring out the best of your professional self with our elegant, smart and simple The Pearl Earring. This delicate earring gives out a aesthetic and sophisticated appeal making it the ideal office wear jewellery for all kinds of client meets.

Office Party

Office parties are such events where we all indulge in social interactions and conversations. This the time when you can get creative with your outfit and try mix styles with others. Bring out the diva in your stylish and fun dress paired with a set of Spiral Long Drop Pearl Gold Hook Earring and a gorgeous quirky trendy Spring Diamond Bracelet to perfectly compliment your outfit.

With such precious stones and intricate designs, dressing up for office has now become easy and trend that is certainly going to stay for a long time. Get the best office wear pieces online and pamper yourself with best trendy designs and styles. Visit Ashtik Trinkets for exquisite, handcrafted to perfection jewellery to find the princess in you!