The Ultimate Guide to Precious Metal jewellery

Buying jewellery could probably top the list of being the “Most Exciting Activity Ever” especially if one is purchasing for herself. But at times, it can be downright confusing if basic about jewellery material seems unknown - particularly about precious metals which are very hard to ignore when one is looking for the perfect necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings.

In contemporary jewellery , precious metal play an important role in durability, appearance, and cost of any piece, it’s a good thing to familiarize yourself with few tips on metallurgy terms. With this blog in jewellery material, it will make shopping further easier for you to purchase metal jewellery and choose the correct piece for you.

What Makes Precious Metals “Precious”?

Precious metals are simply rare metals that also have desirable attributes - like their flexibility and ability to make beautiful jewellery . Only eight metals are noted to the be most desirable and precious metals which are - silver, six metals of platinum family and gold.


Gold is Precious Metal and has been one of the most desirable sought after metal in jewellery making and otherwise. Since a long time before, even before recorded history, it is easy to see why it was most desirable - it does not corrode or tarnish easily and also its colour and lustre are quite attractive. jewellery artisans with their skill and technique can incorporate gold into a large range of designs, either by using it along with other elements or for the base piece and many other distinctive techniques and styles for gold jewellery have emerged over the recent years.

Gold’s softness or malleability makes it the easiest metal to deal with, but pure gold is just too soft for any fine jewellery making and would easily bend or scratch easily. It is, therefore, can be usually blended with copper or silver for a more resilient alloy. Jewellers use the term Karat, abbreviated into ‘Kt’ or ‘K’, in order to describe the pure gold percentage in the alloy, with 24 Karats being using pure gold and as the rating of Karats gets proportionally low, lower the purity of gold gets.

Purities Of Gold

24 Karat: 99.9% Pure

22 Karat: 91.6% Pure

18 Karat: 75% Pure

14 Karat: 58.5% Pure

12 Karat: 50% Pure

9 Karat: 37.5% Pure


No matter how many new materials start appearing on the market, people will never ever get tired of wearing silver jewellery . Like gold, silver has found its popularity for thousands and thousands of years because of its lustre, versatility, and rarity. But just again like gold, silver is too soft in its natural state for using it in the jewellery  and just like gold must be alloyed with other metals, mostly copper, to prevent it from distortion and scratching. The purer the silver, more easily it can be scratched.

Unlike gold, silver is not calculated or rated by Karats. Instead, jewellers can use the terms ‘sterling’ and ‘fine’ to refer to a very pure silver, although fine silver is less commonly used for making jewellery .

Purities Of Silver

800 silver — Silver contains about 80 percent of silver and 20 percent of copper and other precious metal.

925 sterling silver — Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent of silver at least and more than 7.6 percent of other metals or copper.

950 sterling silver — 950 silver contains 95 percent of silver at least and no more than 5 percent of copper and other metal.

Fine silver — Fine silver contains 99.9 percent of silver which is too soft and can be used for making most of the jewellery, but it applies sometimes to a thin coating over the sterling silver for making it appear shinier.


Pricier and rarer than gold, the six metal family of platinum are the finest of the precious metals. Platinum is a metal of silver-white found universally, typically it is strengthened with other metals such as osmium, iridium or nickel, for use in jewellery . Like silver, the platinum is not measured in karats but stamped rather with a standardized platinum quality mark by the seller, or manufacturer, indicating the platinum percentage Pt999.5 denoting pure platinum contained.

Find Your Perfect Piece

jewellery has been a very vital part of how we women want to express ourselves - and for those wearing it and for also for those who are making it. So, when it comes to selecting the right or correct styles, using this blog know of precious metals would help you to choose with confidence. Whether you are falling in step with the latest market trend or crafting your own style, you are sure to find the exact perfect piece for you.